A/B-testing mastery workshop

Sep 28, 2020




This is a half day workshop held by Ton Wesseling charged at £295

This workshop will up your A/B-testing game a lot. Once finished you will have improved your skills on:
  • Knowing when to run or not to run what kind of experiments
  • Picking the right KPI to judge experiment results on
  • Getting more positive experimentation outcomes (from better prioritization to better hypothesis)
  • Business case calculations – knowing what is the real value is of your outcomes
  • Securing the future of experimentation in your company
Ton will lecture and share tips, tricks and tools on the above topics. Besides this, there will be enough time for a thorough Q&A. Ton will survey the workshop attendees upfront on their specific A/B-testing issues. Want to know if you can run overlapping experiments? Want to know if you should use a Bayesian approach? Should you do client-side or server-side experimentation? Let him know and he will add answers to those questions to the workshop.
This is a 1/2 day workshop and includes refreshments

Price: £295

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  • Ton Wesseling (NL)


    Online Dialogue


    Ton is known for being the founding father of Online Dialogue – thought leaders in evidence based growth. Online Dialogue has been doing conversion optimization projects for over a decade now. They have been helping companies with high numbers of digital customers (like Conrad, Hostelworld, Hotelspecials, ING, Marktplaats (by Ebay), T-Mobile, and Randstad) to embed

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