Conversion Elite 2018

A great conference that was packed full of valid and current subjects led by thought leaders within our industry. Location, and centre was great and the food was excellent. A really informative day and will definitely be returning next year.

Becky - Strategiq

When you attend a Conversion Elite conference you are guaranteed to hear from leading industry experts who will change how you think about CRO. You will always benefit from attending these superbly organised events.

Neal Cole - Conversion Uplift

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of all things conversion, then this is a fantastic choice. Packed with great speakers and thought leaders across the industry, you’ll learn from the experience from some of the best in the industry. Guaranteed to come away with new ideas and actions to improve your conversion offering and career.

Jamie Willmott - Search Star

After visiting Conversion Elite you’ll need to seriously prioritize which of all the takeaways to start with first. A great event that will provide you with truly inspiring strategic input and actionable insights you can apply right away

Lars Harmsen - Beerwulf

An expertly conducted day with a strong, relevant and engaging agenda, leaving me inspired to learn more and make advanced positive change in my company.

Leea Widdowson - BGL Group

Search Elite 2018

Great Conference!! It was very well organized and a great location. The speakers all had great industry experience and delivered a high level of different SEO topics during the course of the day! Looking forward to the next one

Chris Carter - U Switch

Search Elite is currently the only conference pitched at an advanced level and specifically for technical SEO experts. It’s a great opportunity to get exposure to what people are working on at the cutting edge of the field and get ideas for how to push your technical SEO analysis and strategies to the next level of sophistication and effectiveness. There was a great range of very high-quality talks that I was personally able to take a lot of value from. The whole event was extremely well run and very much worth attending. I’m looking forward to returning next year already!

Haitham - Query Click

It was my first time at Search Elite and it certainly didn’t disappoint. All of the speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and I’ve come away with a number of valuable takeaways. The event seemed to run really smoothly. It was relaxed, everyone was lovely and the food was gorgeous (always a bonus!) I will be recommending this conference to all SEO’s with a few years of experience.

Sally Newman - Koozai

First time I’ve been to Search Elite; the speakers were all very knowledgeable and I was able to take a number of points away with me on the day that will help me going forward. Would certainly go again.

Daniel Brooks - Aira

I’ve been to my fair share of conferences, both in the UK and across the globe. I can wholeheartedly say what Craig and the team have achieved with Search Elite was truly exceptional. The whole day – right from the venue, to the speakers, the attendees, right down to the content of the talks was something above and beyond that you see at other conferences. There was a genuine effort to test the speakers to bring the best, world renowned speakers sharing a level of knowledge and learnings that could only be described as ‘elite’. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on future events.

Ned Poulter - Pole Star Digital

SearchElite is one of the conferences aimed at digital professionals who are the life learners, the ones who have already learnt from the other conferences but know there is always a little more to learn – with the speaker lineup always being impressive and with the dual track of Conversion – there is always a session you want to be in, delivery is always top and the venues used to date have been solid choices with good food. I have managed to go to every Search Elite so far and intend to keep going to all future ones.

Gerry White - Just Eat

Search Elite have built up an excellent conference that I’d recommend to both agency and client-side marketers. The quality of the speakers and talks is high and there’s a focus on actionable insight and new research.

Richard Falconer - Yard

Search Elite 2017

One of the best day conferences I’ve ever attended. Speakers at the perfect level for both understanding and getting the creative ideas flowing. Absolutely brilliant job and can’t wait for Conversion Elite & next years Search Elite again.

Chris Simmance - Director at Optus Digital

Great event! I found Search Elite much more precise and detailed than large conferences I regularly attend. At Search Elite I was able to ask presenters in real time and the discussion at the end provided me with valuable information I would not obtain at regular conferences.

Great Focus! As SEO is getting diversified large conferences about basic stuff are not enough. Focus on Search and speed with lots of examples is just what I was looking for.

Great presenters! The list of presenters covered all main areas of search. From PPC to Social most aspects of search were covered with stress on latest trends and future development.

Jiri Kubes - Director at Alukov

I attended the first Search Elite in May 2017 and was blown away by how much value I took away for not only myself but to pass on to the wider agency. Many conferences in the digital industry can fall into the track of being too generalist and top level, but all the talks at Search Elite were in depth, to a high level of knowledge and covered directly actionable SEO specifics. The last few events I’ve attended I’ve taken two bullet points of notes if I’m lucky – at Search Elite I took 8 pages!

Daniel Callis - SEO Consultant at Strategiq

Search Elite put on a great event. As a speaker you are looking for proactive event organisers and the team behind Search Elite did a great job of promoting the event in advance. The other speakers were all experts in their chosen field, so I got to learn as well as teach. Look forward to future Search Elite events.

Jim Banks - CEO at Spades Media

I really enjoyed not just speaking but also attending The Search Elite as it was a single track event and there were topics that covered a multitude of elements of marketing. The amazing standard of the other speakers meant that there were many actionable tips that my team managed to take away. I am looking forward to the next event very much!

Russell McAthy - CEO at Cubed

I loved the relaxed atmosphere and being joined by some great speakers talking on topics they were passionate about. The crowd was very engaged and the audience wasn’t too big that you felt disconnected. Everything ran smoothly and I look forward to the 2018 event!

David Iwanow - Director of Strategy at BlueGlass

Search Elite was an incredibly educational conference, with experts in the field, with a single track it meant that I could hear everyone I wanted to, all the other speakers delivered incredible insight, knowledge and actionable steps many of which I have put into practice since returning to Just Eat and I am looking forward to Conversion Elite and subsequent conferences. It was a step above most conferences in terms of the speakers and the level at which it was pitched, this meant that experienced SEO professionals would have got a lot out of it.

Gerry White - Consultant at Just Eat

I attended Search Elite as a sponsor and personally enjoyed it very much too. I think Craig and the team did a great job selecting speakers. The most interesting topics in the field of “search” was covered and I later went back to Stockholm full of enthusiasm. I’m definitely coming back next year regardless if we’re sponsoring it or not. I’m also looking forward to the Conversation Elite conference in July!

Kim Ängalid - CEO at Wincher.com

SearchElite was one of the most informative search events out there. Definitely not for beginners and that’s a good thing.

Emirhan Yasdiman - Global SEO at Trivago

As a client-side digital practitioner, one of my biggest worries is professional stagnation and being out of touch with what is going on in the world of search outside of the confines of my employer. Search Elite has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in a non-intimidating setting at a very reasonable price. If you are an in-house digital marketer, Search Elite is a great opportunity to take time out of your working day to keep up with the latest techniques in our ever changing industry. The smaller, one-track setting means you’re guaranteed to see and hear what you need to. The knowledge shared is useful, non-pitchy and the speakers are friendly and approachable. Very much worth your time and money.

Tracey Drain - Digital Marketing Manager at Invopak

Highly recommend the Search Elite events, it’s one of the only events in the country that bridges that gap between agencies with like minded people all trying to achieve the same objective.

Gavin Lowther - Head of CRO at Visualsoft

Conversion Elite 2017

The first running of Conversion Elite hit it out of the park: great speakers, engaged audience, top networking. My success as a B2B conversion specialist comes from constant learning about others’ best practices: Conversion Elite crammed a month’s worth of learning into a day!

John Woods - Director at Sharp Ahead Ltd

I think there’s definitely a place for 20 minute presentations but some real deep dives into a specific topic are often appreciated. CRO is one topic that’s rarely front and centre of most digital marketing conferences so there’s a real market for Conversion Elite. Although I’m speaking I brought staff along with me because it’s definitely the best event I’ve found in the UK for learning about CRO.

Stephen Kenwright - Director at Branded3

Conversion Elite brings together great minds in a combination of strategic and practical CRO tips. And great for making new friends.

Arnout Hellemens - Head of Growth at 2Care4Kids Group

Conversion Elite is an in-depth event that showcases the breadth of conversion. From analytics to usability to the foundation of an optimisation culture, it’s your chance to learn from experts.

Stephen Pavlovich - CEO at Conversion.com

I would recommend Conversion Elite for anyone who wants to up their CRO game. The talks at Conversion Elite were a good mixture of inspirational and practical – my notebook was totally full by the end of the day. The workshop with Optimise or Die was a great way to get some business-growing CRO advice from an industry expert who has seen all sides of the picture and encountered every problem imaginable. I have so much information that my problem is now communicating it back to my team in as a concise way that it was presented to me. I will probably just recommend they attend the next Conversion Elite!

Emma Barnes - Senior Insights and Analytics Analyst at Branded3

All you need from a day like this is one good idea to take away and it will ​have​ paid for itself many times over, and I’ve left with a bagful of ideas so that’s some ROI right there!

David Haynes - Product Manager at Beerhawk

My first time at Conversion Elite, what can I say, the calibre of the speakers was fantastic, the venue was superb and the company was great too. Lots of lessons learned and a real opportunity to get out of the office and be inspired to go back and do great work!

Heather Robinson - Digital Marketing Consultant at Skittish Digital

It was my first time at Conversion Elite, and coming from Paris for this event I had high expectations. ​Overall​ it was a great experience with inspiring speakers and interesting methods and pro-tips. Looking forward for the next edition!

Yann Fressignaud - UX Director at SOON Agency

As part of the Marketing team of a big brand, Conversion Elite is mindblowing and frustrating for the same reason: learning how much you can do and how far you are from where you should be. Participating not only will change your mindset but will awaken your ambition.

Foad Izadi - Digital Coordinator at Kumon