Truth vs Fantasy: Reality Checking Your Mobile SEO

Sep 28, 2020



In this presentation, attendees will learn about sneaky differences that can pop up in real user’s mobile search results, that won’t show up in Traditional SEO reporting tools. This presentation will focus on the value of combining numeric data with visual representations of real search result, so that you can see things like:

  • When things like Map Packs, Knowledge Graph, Interesting Finds & People Also Ask are pushing your position 1 rankings down
  • If and when Google has accidentally marked your business as closed when it is opened
  • When Free Product Listings from the Merchant Center are Ranking
  • If things like Apps, News, Events and newer types of Google hosted inclusions are helping or hurting you

Knowing things like this will help you explain and evaluate anomalies in your data that don’t correlate with the things that are traditionally measured, but do have a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Cindy Krum (USA)

    CEO and Founder


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