Keynote: How an analyst can add value to your experimentation programme

Jul 2, 2020



Ton has worked with several dedicated optimization teams for years and years and knows very well what real value of a web analyst is within that team (because he started as one himself many decades ago…). He believes that analysts, like everyone else in the optimization team, can too easily get distracted by the fun of coming up with challengers / designs to beat the original, while they should be the ones bothering about using data to become a better A/B-tester!
In this talk Ton will deep dive in topics where the value of an analyst is really pointed out. This are 3 of those topics:
  • MDE calculations: Ton will show a real data examples how to know if you could run experiments on a specific location
  • Prioritization: Ton tells you how to optimize your chance of success by prioritizing your experimentation roadmap based on data
  • Business case calculations: Ton shows you how to calculate how much money your experimentation programme is really making
  • Ton Wesseling


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