Closing Keynote – Your Brain Is Lying To You: Become A Better Marketer By Overcoming Confirmation Bias

Sep 28, 2020



Have you ever resisted or ignored a piece of information because it posed a threat to your worldview? If you answered “yes,” you’re like most other human beings on the planet. In fact, according to the last 40 years of cognitive research, favouring information that confirms your worldview is extremely common human behaviour. Unfortunately, being biased towards information that confirms what we already believe often leads to errors in judgment and costly mistakes in marketing. But how can we overcome this?

During this session you’ll learn:
– The facts about confirmation bias and why it is such a dangerous pitfall for marketers
– A framework for becoming aware of and overcoming your own confirmation bias
– Hands-on techniques for cutting through the clutter and getting information rather than confirmation

  • Michael Aagaard (DK)

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