Moderating. Why we should be taking it seriously

Sep 28, 2020



Moderating. Why we should be taking it seriously.


We spend our lives having conversations, some more than others. But do we truly know how to get the most out of a discussion, for both sides? When we moderate, we focus on what questions we need to ask, what the person is saying and how they’re saying it, but equally so is the respondent. Our tone, our pacing, how we adapt to their mental, intellectual and physical needs, our interest in the subject; it all matters. Even when moderation translates to surveys, we can still show that we care through our words.

During this talk, I’ll share with you my key advice for moderating, gathered from a range of sources including attending police talks to sit-ins with investigators (doctors, detectives), even training with the Samaritans.

My guide will include:

  • Skills & practices from outside the research industry
  • Ethics
  • Situations and how to adapt (the difficult ones, the quiet ones, the chatty ones…)
  • A lens on yourself and your own judgements


This all helps me build relationships quickly, respect respondents, and give them the time and breathing space to react and reflect. I hope it will help you too.


  • Aly Abel (UK)

    Senior UX Researcher


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