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UX and CRO Expert Karl Gilis Shares His Insights Ahead of Digital Elite

Karl Gilis has been working in UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation for nearly 20 years. Karl will be running a workshop on June 5th. He speaks to SEO Jo Blogs about the workshop and the conference. You have an impressive CV, how did you first get into this line of work? “I stumbled into it

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Are You Still Blaming Decision Makers For Not Buying Into Your CRO Efforts?

In the 2017 CRO report by Econsultancy , the two biggest barriers to improving conversion rates were reported to be Lack of Resources Lack of Budget Both together make up a whopping 77%. Although this percentage has decreased year on year by 7 percentage points, it continues to draw attention ...

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How to Start a Career in Analytics, Anna Lewis Shares Her Experience

I spoke Anna Lewis, founder of Polka Dot Data about her talk at Conversion Elite. Having started out in SEO, I wanted to find out how Anna made the move over to analytics. “You are going to be speaking about Analytics, Identifying and forecasting opportunities for CRO. Would you be able to do ...

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