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Are You Still Blaming Decision Makers For Not Buying Into Your CRO Efforts?

In the 2017 CRO report by Econsultancy , the two biggest barriers to improving conversion rates were reported to be Lack of Resources Lack of Budget Both together make up a whopping 77%. Although this percentage has decreased year on year by 7 percentage points, it continues to draw attention ...

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Ethics and Business and Psychology, Can This All Work Together?

Psychology runs in Bart’s genes which may be a reason for him to take up this profession. Bart Schutz’s parents were psychologists and so is his sister. He is therefore well aware of behaviour and what is driving our thoughts I interview Bart on Conversion Elite so we can have a sneak peak into his

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Establishing the Industry Standard Maturity Model™ in Customer Centricity

For the 1st ever time, I shared and handed out PRWD’s Maturity Model™ to the whole audience (thanks to each and every one of you who came up to get your copy) along with providing free access to the downloadable version. Giving Away Intellectual Property?! Quite frankly, when you freely give ...

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