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Chris Out is the CEO of RockBoost. He will be speaking at Digital Elite on June 6th. SEO Jo Blogs interviews him about growth hacking and how his clients liked his way of working and now they are winning awards.

Why and how did you build your first high performing growth team? (Was it due to a big change at work?)

“I built my growth hacking team based on my knowledge I gained by following online courses and reading a ton of books, e.g. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, or Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, and other leadership books. I read a lot about the McKinsey structure and way of working. I wanted to create this type of a team structure in a digital marketing area.

I think the effectiveness and the quality of a growth team have the biggest impact on growth and big organisations are missing out on it.

You mentioned the CXL Institute and Kolbe tests, would Gallup StrengthsFinder also help build a high-performing growth team?

Yes. The key to having a high-performing team is to create a combination of people who have complementary skill sets (soft and hard skills). While CXL provides us with a vast variety of courses on digital marketing, we also coach our team on soft skills like leadership, stress management, expectations management and much more. This way we make sure they’re totally independent and are able to handle the toughest situations.

Chris Out RockBoost

Can you share with us a case study when the main stakeholders of a company (eg CEO or MD) were against change and how you changed their mindset?

Honestly, that doesn’t happen a lot because companies come to us because they want to change and we make sure we’re a match. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be working together.

How long does it take for teams to see results after they have implemented what you suggested?

We try to get quick wins within 2 weeks, and big wins within 2-3 months.

How long did it take for you to see results at RockBoost?

Pretty quickly our clients noticed that we were doing things differently than other agencies. We grew from a 3-people team into a team of over 20 growth hackers in 4 years. And now we’re winning awards (like Dutch Interactive Award 2018).”

Thank you Chris for your time. Looking forward to seeing you at Digital Elite. The last few tickets remaining, get yours to attend the best Search and CRO conference in London.

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