Interview with Francois Goube, Founder of OnCrawl

SEO Jo Blogs interviews the founder of OnCrawl, François Goube on how he started the company and the plans for 2019. Francois is a serial entrepreneur with OnCrawl being his third company. He shares some of his past experience with SEO Jo.

Why did you create OnCrawl?

“It is the shared interest for search engines and the exploitation of Big Data that led me and my associate Tanguy Moal to create Cogniteev, the company and platform behind OnCrawl.

We share a real passion for making the most advanced research technologies accessible to the greatest number of people. We met when I created my first company Jobijoba – a search engine for job research – where we proved our ability to build products used by millions of people.


In 2013, we created OnCrawl from an industrial consortium with Cdiscount – the leading French ecommerce website. (Back then they already had more than 50M URLs and major SEO issues.) In 2014, we began selling a custom version of OnCrawl to a few European e-commerce websites. In 2015, the public version was released globally.

OnCrawl represents more than 1.5 millions euros of investment and 2 years of R&D. Our strength is reinforced with ten years of experience in semantic analysis, big data processing and crawling, which allows us to analyze millions of pages at scale and offers unrivalled features for duplicate content or internal popularity, for instance. OnCrawl is a comprehensive subscription service, which means there are no implementation or staffing costs. The total client budget is based on the number of URLs a customer wants to analyse.

OnCrawl was also born because we thought technologies like the ones in OnCrawl shouldn’t be reserved for big players.

Evangelizing technical SEO is in our core DNA. This is why we first built an Open Source Log Analyser to teach people how cool it was to combine crawl and logs data. Then, we built the cloud infrastructure required to provide SEOs with an advanced technical SEO platform at a very competitive price.

OnCrawl by the river

What are your plans for 2019? You won the Eu Search Awards in May, congratulations!

Thank you very much. Actually, it’s the second year in a row that we won at the European Search Awards, and we are really grateful. It’s an important recognition of the hard work and expertise of our amazing employees and partners who continue to push the limits of innovation. It also shines a spotlight on the potential for website owners to gain even deeper insights into website performance that enable them to make better business decisions.

Last year, we closed a 3.5M€ fundraising to accelerate our international expansion and we have a strong focus on the US market.

This year, we’ll keep working on providing personalized and expert customer service for our clients. We’re also working on improving our crawl algorithms to support new developments and to continue to adapt to changes in how search engines approach the web.

According to LinkedIn, OnCrawl is your third company. What’s your secret to create and grow an “award-winning company”?

I fell into the industry when I was still a teenager. As far back as I can remember, I have always had a computer at home. As a kid, I was tinkering with music on an Amiga and as a teenager I started playing with HTML code.

I graduated from a Business school in France and then started my professional career first as a Business Developer for an IT services company and then as a Marketing Manager for one of the first web and mobile media. At that time, I was very involved in SEO. As I have always been a technology fan, and since I like to understand how search engines worked, I wanted to make my own. I first created JobiJoba, a job search engine available in 15 countries. Then I created Propulseo, a SEO consulting agency. I like to define myself as a serial entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurship is almost always a blend of thinking big and working hard. On one hand, you have to be able to imagine providing value to millions of people, and at the same time, you need to be able to build a team with the talent and dedication to turn that into a reality. And I think we are on the right path 🙂

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Your conference’s topic is not confirmed yet but can you give us some details? Why did you choose this subject?

I want to demonstrate the value of combining multiple datasets to uncover new SEO opportunities. I want to show the audience how data science can be apply to SEO. I will share some actionable use cases to predict the ROI of your SEO using log files, analytics, crawl and business data.”


Thank you Francois for the interview. Look forward to seeing you at Digital Elite Day and hearing more about your talk. If you have not bought your ticket yet, reserve yours today and attend the best SEO and CRO conference in London.

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