Jill Quick and Aiden Carroll

Jill Quick and Aiden Carroll

Digital Marketing Trainers at Colouring In Department

Jill Quick and Aiden Carroll will be at search Elite

Having run in the same circles for years as digital marketing trainers, fate eventually had us working together to deliver training programs. Together we have trained 65,000 marketers, in 75 countries – ranging from small business, to the big boys and girls of household brands. Someone once called us the Goldilocks of digital marketing training. We naturally took that as a compliment, but the truth of it remains to be seen!

Aiden in particular is more than a little bit obsessed with the marketing & digital sector (sometimes both), and even more so with the future of education and communicating ideas. Also secretly, wants to be a tv show host.

Jill is achatty, candid, lady with a knack for creating templates and models that people can use to learn all about digital marketing. LOVES analytics and learning about UX and user behaviour. Has an obsession for decent coffee and a love for small batch Gin.

See Jill Quick and Aiden Carroll speak at Digital Elite Day.


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