Chris Out

Chris Out

Growth Hacking Expert, Rockboost

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Chris Out is managing partner and lead growth hacker at RockBoost. He thrives on challenging companies on how to squeeze more out of their growth teams, and educates them on how to build organizations set up for high-tempo testing and experimentation.

With a background in business economics, Chris cut his teeth in online marketing in Shanghai, China, while also spending time in the corporate environment of KPMG… but the world of entrepreneurship was calling. After failing hard with his first startup, and feeling the torment of running a business the wrong way, he subsequently founded RockBoost. Now, he is challenging the CRO and Growth industries to examine and debate the issues that really matter… not just red or green buttons!

Chris also lectures regularly at Beeckestijn Business School – a leading business school in The Netherlands – and created a curriculum based on his systematic growth model: “The 7 Pillars of Growth Hacking”. Each year, he delivers dozens of full-day growth hacking lectures to students, business leaders, CEOs and marketing experts alike.

RockBoost is now known as one of the leading growth agencies in Europe helping corporates and scale-ups to build a culture of experimentation. By supplying in-house growth teams and providing on-going execution, RockBoost can change a company’s DNA to incorporate high-tempo testing and fast-paced execution. Success stories range from the world’s fastest growing online print company to corporate media publishing giants.

Chris has spoken at industry-leading global events such as CXL Live (US), Conversion Jam (Sweden), and Conversion Summit (Germany). Chris firmly believes in the power of self-paced education and consistently re-invests 20% of his income to facilitate this belief. Some call him a walking and talking encyclopedia due to his relentless pursuit of personal and professional development.


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