Are You Still Blaming Decision Makers For Not Buying Into Your CRO Efforts?

In the 2017 CRO report by Econsultancy , the two biggest barriers to improving conversion rates were reported to be

  • Lack of Resources
  • Lack of Budget

Both together make up a whopping 77%. Although this percentage has decreased year on year by 7 percentage points, it continues to draw attention towards the reasons for restricting budget allocation and what should be the key practice within any digital company.

Over the last ten years, major blogs and tutorials on Conversion Rate Optimisation have massively focused on improving skills on the technical, research and analytical side of A/B testing. Searching the web for keywords around A/B testing, A/B testing case studies and user research all result in an overflow of educational resources.

Thought-leaders in Optimisation have spent enormous efforts educating the industry on how to improve the analysis of test results, ensuring that statistical knowledge around terms like ‘p-value’, ‘statistical significance’ is increasingly deepened and applied when working on experimentation projects.

While this area of conversion optimisation is without doubt imperative, to grow as a CRO practitioner and produce quality work, we must keep in mind the relationship with key management. We have to nurture this in order to receive the desperately needed budget that allows us to keep spreading our impact on the business as a total.

One area that has gained more traction over the last couple of years, but which isn’t nearly as defined as it should be, is ‘CRO Reporting’.

Performance reports are the glue that holds together businesses. They are the lifeline to consistent communication between all management levels of a company. They should be the nutrition for all current and future tactical decisions as well as strategic long-term planning.


How can I optimise my CRO reports to gain management buy-in?  What steps can everyone presenting CRO data take to supercharge their reports and improve the efficiency of their message to decision makers? What are typical, avoidable mistakes when reporting the estimated contribution to the bottom line?

My ebook ‘Sort your CRO report‘, filled with well-researched theoretical knowledge and packed with lots of actionable tips was released June 1st, 2018, and will  shed light on these questions.


7 expert contributors working in Conversion Rate Optimisation, Data Visualisation and Growth Hacking share valuable insights and provide food for thought for anyone frustrated that their efforts are not taken seriously by the company.

Reporting CRO results to decision makers requires communication skills, an analytical as well as entrepreneurial mind, and experience. When starting out in Optimisation Management, wanting to bring results in front of the C-suite too fast can result in trust damaging promises that are not backed by statistical proof. Moving too slow, without consistently revealing achievements, however, can result in an inner company silo, that will be hard to break out from, once there are impactful results worth sharing.


When working with data, understanding the difference between Data Analysis and Data Reporting as well as comprehending that simply reporting metrics to decision makers is just as valuable as KFC without chicken, is just the beginning.



Everyone presenting CRO data should see the importance of learning about the various elements that can impact the success of a CRO performance report, starting from ‘Data Selection’, to ‘Data Visualisation’ all the way through to ‘Data Distribution’. The quality of the execution of these three elements will determine the quality of your CRO Reports.




Whether you believe that the decision makers personality is stopping you from driving your department forward, or whether you fear your experience in data visualisation is insufficient, there are smaller or bigger steps you can take before you get locked in a stalemate.

Start by accepting responsibility for your CRO Reports!

Article by Christine Frey who is keen to improve the way that Optimisers present their A/B testing results and performance data to decision makers. She has ecently published her first book named “Sort Your CRO Report”. She is also the founder of a data dashboard software for CRO professionals.

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