Month: May 2018

Personalisation and The Effect on CRO – Interview with Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich is the CEO of Conversion.com, the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency. Stephen will be speaking at Conversion Elite on June 6th and I wanted to ask him in more detail about Personalisation and the impact it has on websites.  Their clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 ...

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Ethics and Business and Psychology, Can This All Work Together?

Psychology runs in Bart’s genes which may be a reason for him to take up this profession. Bart Schutz’s parents were psychologists and so is his sister. He is therefore well aware of behaviour and what is driving our thoughts I interview Bart on Conversion Elite so we can have a sneak peak into his

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Will Artificial Intelligence Remove the Need for Human Intervention?

I interviewed Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa, who is not only a linguist but a Senior International SEO Manager in Cologne, Germany. Gianna works for Bold Ventures GmbH. We are really pleased Gianna is speaking at Search Elite and I wanted to ask her a few questions regarding languages and the ...

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