Establishing the Industry Standard Maturity Model™ in Customer Centricity

For the 1st ever time, I shared and handed out PRWD’s Maturity Model™ to the whole audience (thanks to each and every one of you who came up to get your copy) along with providing free access to the downloadable version.

Giving Away Intellectual Property?!

Quite frankly, when you freely give away what is one of your agencies greatest unique selling points, for free, in full, to both a wide range of brands AND some of your biggest competitors, questions are inevitable.

Quite simply, for the Customer Centricity Maturity Model™ to become the Industry Standard, it has to be understood, appreciated and harnessed by companies and agencies across the world. 

What Will Happen Next?

Here are seven of the biggest things that will happen next:

  1. Me and the PRWD team will continue to plan and execute our global marketing strategy to get the Maturity Model™and Maturity Audit in front of an increasing amount of businesses in all sectors across the globe
  2. Based on 2), our data for industry benchmarking will continue to increase to add greater volume and credibility to the country by country and sector by sector benchmarking maturity ratings
  3. The PRWD team and I will continue to keep an open mind for any opportunities to further refine the Maturity Model™based on our industry experience and expert feedback from client side and agency side practioners and decision makers
  4. Some elements of the PRWD Customer Centricity Maturity Model™may start getting challenged by a small handful of specialist agencies who aren’t yet willing to start using the Maturity Model™ and online Maturity Audit with their clients – “it doesn’t include this, I don’t agree with that” etc – this is something I am looking forward to as it will help us further refine the Maturity Model to continue to be industry leading
  5. In the background, to be revealed at some later stage, may be another Maturity Model created by another agency, which also aims to also become the Industry Standard Maturity Model – this is something I understand and expect to happen
  6. A small fraction of the companies who carry out an online Maturity Audit of their business will contact PRWDto explore having an in-depth Maturity Audit conducted of their business, with tailored recommendations and C-suite engagement
  7. Partnerships will continue being formed with leading industry tool providers, agencies, thought leaders and influential, industry leading content portals who want to start harnessing and promoting the Maturity Model

What Can You Do To Help Achieve The Vision?

Please look through the presentation above first.

Then, if in some way you can appreciate why there is a need to create the Industry Standard Customer Centricity Maturity Model™, I simply ask you to do 1 thing:

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Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it.

By Paul Rouke
Founder & CEO at PRWD, Author, International Keynote Speaker, Trainer

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