Serbay Arda Ayzit – Director of SEO and PPC Talks to Search Elite

I have worked in SEO for a number of years and wanted to find out from Serbay Arda Ayzit how a senior person in one part of search can gain experience in the other. Serbay is the SEO Director of SemTR and is the founder of Content Marketing Agency, Contentus.

How much time would you recommend an online marketing person splits their time across SEO and PPC and Social Media? Some client side roles do not have enough budget to employ one person for each of these different verticals.

It depends on what business they are doing. For example, if you are working on e-commerce cost per sales is very important metrics and in that case, you have work more on SEO to make sales with lower CPA. Let’s say %70 SEO %25 PPC would work. Social may not lower your costs in e-commerce. If you are working in brand and brand recognition is very important for you then you have to spend %40 of your time on PPC %40 SEO and %20 Social.

“You have both SEO and PPC Experience, how would you recommend a Director in SEO to get Paid Search Experience without completely changing jobs? (and dropping down to a junior position).

I am definitely recommending this type of thing. World of SEO is getting bigger and bigger day by day. IMO one of the most important skills SEO’s need to learn is Paid Search. Paid search people are looking keywords differently than SEOs because:
  1. they are doing keyword research much more detailly than us
  2. they are looking each keyword by conversion point of view
  3. they are creating ad groups in our case tagging keywords more carefully because ad group quality is important on quality score.
  4. they are optimizing these ad groups and keywords day by day to maximize conversions.
  5. they know which words getting more CTR in ad texts
  6. at the end they know very well the keywords which work great. Because of those reasons any level of SEO needs to gain paid search experience.

What are your three tips for getting your PPC ad approved in Google first time?

New accounts are always risky, it will take some time your ads getting approved. You can use your friend’s or consultant MCC (My client centre) to make it faster or if you or your friend have old AdWords account you can try via there.

I have seen where Google bans small accounts instead of just rejecting the ad, is this still happening?

I am not seeing this case so often. But you should check google’s guidelines not to get banned:) Usually, Google is banning some categories. Also, google is banning some accounts of users who insist on giving advertising on some prohibited categories.”

Thank you Serbay for your time, look forward to hearing more at Search Elite Manchester.


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