Rob Weatherhead Explains Why Competition is Healthy in Our Digital World

Rob Weatherhead is moderating one of the sessions at Search Elite Manchester. He explains his background in digital and how to deal with competition in the marketplace.

“You are now working as an independent consultant, what area are you specialising in for your clients and why?

There are a number of areas I am consulting in. For agencies it is strategic consultancy on positioning and delivery of their services. Specifically with agencies looking to grow as that is where a lot of my experience comes in.

Then there is consultancy and training in the field of programmatic advertising. I have spent the last few years working in this field and it is still a hugely under serviced channel and one which represents a huge opportunity for agencies.

You are moderating the session “Dealing with the Duopoly”, how would you recommend people deal with competition in our digital space?

First off I would say that competition is healthy. It keeps us all on our toes and makes sure we don’t get complacent.

The Duopoly is quite different however and two companies sucking up the majority of our digital advertising spend represents a challenge for both agencies and advertisers. It can mean less options for how to reach your audience and also mean you are at the mercy of the Duopoly in terms of any changes they may make.

The question we will be discussion on our panel is how do agencies respond to this and maintain competitive advantage.

There are a lot of Search Events in London. You have been organising SASCon since January 2015, did you think there was a gap in the market for search events in Manchester?

The original founders of SASCon saw an opportunity for a conference outside of London. They were all spending money sending people to London and also realising we were doing better work in the North. So they decided we should just start our own conference, attract the best speakers, and save ourselves the time and money of going to London.

SASCon has gone from strength to strength and now attracts 200+ of the regions top practitioners each year.”

Thank you Rob for taking the time to be interviewed. Look forward to seeing more at Search Elite Manchester.

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