Managing Director of Fire Cask is Interviewed on Search Elite

Alex Moss is Managing Director of Firecask and will be speaking at Search Elite in Manchester. I wanted to find out about his presentation and how he started his career in search. Read the full interview:

“Can you give us a sneak preview into your talk “How owning a bar improved my SEO Thought Process”?

My talk is going to cover how co-owning an “offline startup” differs to running a digital agency and how the latter actually disconnects us from the very work we’re doing without noticing. I think we unconsciously think of our clients as the end user when really we should be looking at the end user but beyond a graph and analytical data.

How did you get into Search and how do you keep up with the updates and changes in the industry?

Like quite a few others in the industry, I “fell into the job”. When I was in university I was an independent freelance web designer whilst all my friends handed out fliers and worked at bars. Although it was more risky at the time, it taught me the ins and outs of dealing with clients before I even stepped into the big wide world.

I got my first job as an SEO by chance after being given a day course on the basics. After that, I found myself reading every authoritative blog post published about the industry. I found I started becoming interested more in one area of Search itself (tech, development, IA) and went from there.

Today I see less updates on the algorithm side of Search and more on the technology side which is interesting as the next 10 years will see a bigger shift in the way we interact with data rather than how it is presented to us.

You have worked with some big brands. “How would a smaller agency compete and win business from the larger brands?” (instead of big agencies winning this business)

Larger agencies do have the advantage of being more established and have larger teams. However, what some forget is that the larger team is diluted amongst many more clients and therefore the service and quality of work is sacrificed moreso than with a smaller agency. When we pitch, you meet the people working on the account from day 1. No salesmen, no selling pipe dreams – just honest and transparent pitching. You wouldn’t believe the amount of larger brands that come to us after their experience with a larger agency worsened over time because they were given a junior as an account manager, which portrays the agency’s view on how important that client really was.”

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