Month: September 2017

Rob Weatherhead Explains Why Competition is Healthy in Our Digital World

Rob Weatherhead is moderating one of the sessions at Search Elite Manchester. He explains his background in digital and how to deal with competition in the marketplace. “You are now working as an independent consultant, what area are you specialising in for your clients and why? There are a ...

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Serbay Arda Ayzit – Director of SEO and PPC Talks to Search Elite

I have worked in SEO for a number of years and wanted to find out from Serbay Arda Ayzit how a senior person in one part of search can gain experience in the other. Serbay is the SEO Director of SemTR and is the founder of Content Marketing Agency, Contentus. How much time would you recommend ...

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Managing Director of Fire Cask is Interviewed on Search Elite

Alex Moss is Managing Director of Firecask and will be speaking at Search Elite in Manchester. I wanted to find out about his presentation and how he started his career in search. Read the full interview: “Can you give us a sneak preview into your talk “How owning a bar improved my SEO Thought ...

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Arianne Donoghue Shares Her Experience from Working Client and Agency Side in Paid Media

I interview Arianne Donoghue, Paid Media, Development Manager at Epiphany Search about biddable media and how you can move into a paid search role even if you are in a senior and more generic manager marketing role. “You have worked in PPC in a number of roles. How would you suggest a keen ...

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Zazzle Media Founder Shares His Tips Before Search Elite Manchester

Simon Penson is the founder and Managing Director of Zazzle Media and will be speaking at Search Elite Manchester on September 27th about Voice Search.  I wanted to find out how he keeps ahead of the news and where he sees the search industry going in 2018. “1) You run your own company, Zazzle ...

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