Interview with Entrepreneur and Founder Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich, founder of gives an insight into his presentation at Conversion Elite with Jo Turnbull.

“1) Your session is “Testing Beyond the User Journey”, how many tests have you had to do in the past to get clients to Implement Your Recommendations?

It depends on the results of the experiments – if they’re successful, they’re rolled out as quickly as possible. That’s the obvious benefit of running experiments – you rely on data to make changes, not opinion.

2) How Has Conversion Changed in the Past 5 years? ( For example are more people now sitting up and taking notice of conversion?)

Conversion optimisation has become increasingly important – it can be a competitive advantage, allowing companies to acquire more customers at a lower cost than their competitors.
Also, people are starting to embrace the full potential of conversion optimisation – using it not just to test user experiences, but also as a way of validating new messages, designs and products.

3) You have been a CEO of a Conversion Agency, for 10 years, How Did You Get Into Conversion?

Almost accidentally – I was helping a company increase sales, and started looking at organic and paid traffic. When we reached a peak there – ranking better than we probably should have – I started looking at the conversion rate as a way of increasing sales.
Soon after, Google released Website Optimizer, their basic testing platform. I started using that, and set up the company that become soon after.

4) What are the Three Main Challenges a Conversion Manager Faces from Their Client?

There’s really only one: organisational buy-in. Often our immediate contacts understand the value and process of experimentation, but the wider organisation may not. We need to work with them to demonstrate not just the results, but also how we achieve them and most importantly, what’s possible. That helps the whole process – not just signing off creative, but even opening up areas for experimentation that may not have existed before.”
Thank you Stephen for the interview. Can’t wait to see you at Conversion Elite.

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