Is Your Checkout Failing You ? Learn CRO Tips from Arnout Hellemans

Many people are losing sales in their checkout funnel. Why does this happen? Arnout Hellemans is a CRO and SEO geek, (his words not mine). Therefore I wanted to interview him and find out why people are losing traffic and sales in their purchasing funnel.

“What percentage of total sales (per month) do companies miss out on by customers not completing their check out?

You can’t really say, it’s the same like asking for a good Conversion Rate (which depends on user intent, marketing targeting, right measurement, company promise, kind of product and more. Having said that loads of companies can gain anywhere from double digits percentages (maybe even triple) to  a few percent by fixing some common checkout questions, I will be showing some examples and share the tips I have been developing over the past years.

2) What is the biggest reason their “checkout is failing them?”

There are actually many possible reasons; just to name a few:
  • Mobile usability. (especially on different devices)
  • Desktop usability.
  • Page loading speed.
  • Asking too much.
  • Weird checkout flow.
  • Missing inline validation.
  • Payment options.
  • GEO differences.
  • Missing reassurance (product, delivery date, return policy, payment options).
So basically I’m saying that there can be loads of reasons, i haven’t done any research on which one of these is the biggest, but it’s probably in this list.
In my session at Conversion Elite on July 6th, I will dig deeper into some of these and will provide tips and tricks on how to fix this.

3) How Can You Leverage Your Thank You Page for Customer Satisfaction and/or more sales?”

In my opinion any website should really have a good look at their thank-you page and depending on the service, product etc. it could be an awesome tool to use in customer satisfaction and virality. Some examples; When renting out awesome apartments in say New York, after booking this show examples on how a share on Facebook or Whatsapp looks like and include a call to action like ‘show this apartment to your friends’ etc. Or if you sell drones, show some videos people shot using that same drone and maybe even downloadable branded quick start guides for that specific drone. This will help in customer satisfaction and also might trigger them to talk about you or even forward the quick guides to friends. Just a reminder to start leveraging the power of the thank you page.

4)  What are the simplest things you have seen people should change on their website to increase their sales?  Do you have a best case study you worked where you changed very little but saw the biggest result?

Well, my simplest change is implementing inline validation on forms and start measuring this in a combination of tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar. This will make you think of better validation feedback and will greatly remove friction in the checkout process. This will help your checkout process, your Customer satisfaction (NPS anyone?). At one of my projects we saw a decrease in drop offs of about 30%, by just fixing this issues we saw in the measurement of the inline validation. Another one, but this all depends on the product / service a company is offering was adding media mentions to increase trust in a service, this gave this particular service an uptake of around 10%. Any website / app has different Conversion challenges so please think if certain tips are applicable, because sometime they are but on the other hand sometimes they aren’t.

5) Why do you think more people are sitting up and taking notice of Conversion Rate Optimization?

Because money pays the bills and not traffic, impressions or CTR. In my humble opinion any website has a goal and that is what Conversion Rate Optimization is all about. The online market is maturing (but still really young (20 odd years), we have been optimising brick and mortar shops for ages and we are slowly learning that a webshop is like any offline service / shop. So we need to optimise these online experiences the same way. The meturing of the market is one of the main drivers for more interest in CRO in my honest opinion.”
Some great advice from  Arnout, thank you for taking part in the interview. Can’t wait to see you at Conversion Elite.

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