Jim Banks, CEO of Spades Media is our Guest on the Podcast

Hello, Welcome to the Search Elite podcast. I am Jo Turnbull and I am joined by Jim Banks, who is the CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency called Spades Media.

Jim is a Google Adwords and Facebook Ads expert as well and he will be sharing his tips with us at Search Elite, May 9th.

Thank you for joining us on the Search Elite podcast today. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript below:

What has been the biggest highlight for you in 2016?

For me one of the highlight was resurrecting Spades Media. The agency has been around for 5 years but I spent the first 3 years of the agency working for one company in the travel sector.

For most of 2016 I was helping a friend of mine who was running an agency based out to of the US. But now I have managed to resurrect Spades Media and now I’m back working exclusively on my own for some great clients for 2017 and beyond. 

In 2016, what were predictions for paid media?

It’s funny I mean I think like every single year, probably from 2009, people kept saying this is the going to be year for mobile but I think the reality was that 2016 was truly the year of mobile.

I talked to lots of lots of companies. I travelled about 70000 miles speaking at 14 conferences in 14 different countries. Every country I went to, every company I spoke to, they said we now have 50% of traffic coming from mobile and in some cases it is a lot more than 50%. So I think 2016 was the year of mobile. I think back in the early days when mobile first came out it worked because it was cheap, the traffic was a lot cheaper, but in a lot of cases now now advertisers are paying more money for mobile.

It has made the advertising eco system on mobile that much more complex because there are a lot more moving parts to that rather than just buying traffic.

What do you think will happen for paid media in 2017 and for mobile too?

Again I think one of the biggest challenges for advertisers is historically mobile conversion has never been as good. It stands to reason, you have smaller screens, quite often the user experience is not so good but mobile is a phenomenal tool in people’s and company’s advertising eco system.

Ultimately it helps people make decisions. In a lot of cases, you are seeing a lot more people are doing searches for things near me. Let’s say they are looking for restaurants near me. If you go in Google Trends and look at the rise in searches for “X near me” or “X close by”, that is because people are out and about and they are using their mobile to try and find something locally.

They are using online but they are trying to experience an offline, a store or shop or something like that, that is what they are ultimately looking for.

I think also, the other thing is because people are now using multiple devices, they might start the journey on a mobile, finish on a desktop. The advertisers that able to use cross device capabilities better, will be ultimately the ones that ones that will win out.

For me, that is one of the reasons that Facebook has become such a strong advertising platform for advertisers in the world. There are about 1.2 billion people in the world and virtually everyone that has a Facebook account is logged into all of their devices that they have all the time.

Facebook have got much much better data that Google and Bing when it comes to cross device functionality.

Look forward to hearing that at Search Elite and Before then how can we get hold of you?

I am doing a bit on Twitter so I am @JimBanks at Twitter. I am also on Facebook, I am Facebook.com/JimBanks

It’s funny, there is a politician in the US called Jim Banks and because he was slow to reacted. I ended up with all the Jim Banks for all the social networks. I quite often get confused with him . I am genuinely the search guy and more famous than him.

See you at the event on May 9th.

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