David Iwanow Gives Us a Sneak Peak Into His Automate or Die Presentation at Search Elite

Hello, this is Jo Turnbull and I am joined on the Search Elite Podcast today by David Iwanow. David is the Director of Strategy of BlueGlass and he will be speaking at the Search Elite event on May 9th.

Listen to the full podcast or read the transcript below:

Welcome to the podcast David.

Greetings, how are you Jo. That was a reasonable attempt at my surname. Lovely to be on the podcast today.

I have a few questions to ask you. Can I ask you about your role at Blue Glass – What does Director of Strategy involve?

I have been here since August last year. My role is overseeing the search strategy we implement for our clients and working with some of our larger clients and larger projects to make sure we deliver best in class SEO and also improve some of our internal processes when it comes to content ideation, link building, content marketing, analysis and measurement as well as just working with clients on some of some of the tougher and more complex problems.


Where were you before then?

Prior to that, I was at eBay Classified Group in Amsterdam as SEO Product Manager, I was there close to 3 years, looking after the Belgium and Dutch markets.

Can you speak Dutch and Flemish?

No, I should, I can read some, but I feel bad every time I go to speak, I feel like I am destroying their language one step at a time. So I try and stick with English.

You are going to have a great presentation.
Automate or Die, we have seen a lot of that being shared on social media, – Can you give us a sneak peak into what that is going to be.

One of the things as SEOs, a big part of what we do, is very time consuming and is very manual and prone to errors. And also there are a lot of times where you just can’t work 24/7.
Part of my topic is about how you can use some software tools to actually make your job more scalable and make everything a bit more transparent and measurable.

That comes to things such as checking the website, it is up and live, running regular crawls through the site, checking for HTML code changes that happened that you have not been notified by. Also looking automation and reporting as well such as using platform such as tableau and Google data studio.

What do you think is going to be the focus of SEO overall in 2017?

I think the biggest thing is probably scaling.

Transparency is a big one and measurement and reporting. A couple of years ago, you would do some SEO stuff and you could say to the stakeholders or to the board, that things went things went up, everything is cool.

Whereas now they want to know a bit more information, what percentage went up, how is it trending year on year, how are competitors performing? Are there any new competitors emerging or are there competitors which have given up and moving out of the market?

I think the big thing for 2017 and definitely 2018 is making everything scalable and transparent and being accountable for what work you are doing.


How can we get hold of you before you at Search Elite on May 9th?

You can definitely find me on Twitter. I am very active on there. I am on Twitter or via Facebook. I would prefer Twitter.
I love public tweets because it can turn into a bit of discussion. Then I can involve other people which I think might be suitable to answer your question.

You can find me on Twitter, you know it is me, cause it is the blue verified tick that I managed to secure last year.

Any questions, feel free to ping me on Twitter. Tools or software, I will often send you the link and tag the tool provider in it then you can have your discussion with them direct.

Thank you very much. It has been great having you on the Search Elite podcast today. We look forward to seeing you at Search Elite in person.

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