Judith Lewis Shares her Link Building Tips with SEO Jo Blogs on the Search Elite Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Search Elite podcast. I am Jo Turnbull and I am joined on the Search Elite podcast today by Judith Lewis.

Listen to the full interview or read the transcript below:

Judith is the founder of deCabbit consulting and has been doing SEO for 20 years. That is quite substantial Judith.

Yes and I am glad to say I do not look like I have been doing it for that long.  So it clearly keeps you young.

Yes it does, keeps us on our toes as SEO is constantly changing. Speaking of which, what has been the change to your work career in 2016?

I think probably the biggest change was that I am seeing a lot more companies look at for in house training. Instead of being only ever called to come in and deliver work, consultancy or execution, I am actually going into places and doing a lot more teaching. I have just come back from Atlanta where I delivered some training.

I am going to Dusseldorf in Germany to do more and all over the world, companies are pulling experts inhouse to teach their staff how to do what we do, but still leaning us on the more strategic work.

What is your area of expertise that you would like to share with us today?

Obviously after 20 years, and coming from a programming background, I can do everything from technical SEO right through keyword research , content development and link building.

A lot of my time right now when I am not teaching, is link building and content development ideas with clients.



Where do you see the future of Link Building and Content Because there was a lot of people burned from Black Hat Link Building?

I think because link building is still super important, it is not going anywhere. But I have been saying for years and years that the reason we should be building links should be, you know, ala 1995.

Back when search engines were terrible and basically the only way you found your way around the internet at the time, around the world wide wide, was through links. Links were relevant because you were on a site about I don’t know, “chocolate cookie recipes” or “chocolate recipes” and you wanted to find other sites that had also shared their “grandmothers’ cookie recipes” and you found a page with links to other relevant sites.

Nowadays it is a little more sophisticated. But still link building has to be about driving traffic to the clients’ site. Which means you are not getting links for the sake of getting links. You are making connections with bloggers or with websites that have relevant traffic to them already, relevant to your client to your customer.

You are looking at driving some of their existing traffic to your client, relevant existing traffic to your client or customer. That should always be why we are building links.  I know that a lot of link builders still build them for ranking only. But the essence of the higher rankings is that we want more traffic, we want more traffic because we want more conversion.

We should be looking at this as a two prong attack.

  • One prong is the actual site we are placing the link on should be sending us relevant traffic that we can convert .
  • Second prong higher search engine rankings in relevant verticals.
    Because of course, as we know, not every vertical has a huge amount of traffic driven through search so we have to sensitive to that.

And of course when someone lands on your page, if the content is not relevant, if it doesn’t speak to them and doesn’t lead them on the journey to conversion, we are going to lose them.

The onsite content has to be well optimised and ideal for that user journey. The links that you place should not always be on the sake of links, it should always be for traffic.

The term link building – do you think that should be used in 2017 or is that a Dirty Word?


The problem with SEO and Link Building is that they are dirty words.
The other problem with SEO and Link Building is that is what most people know it as. We can call it whatever we want, but ultimately, the masses are calling it that. When you are talking to a CEO or a managing director, they don’t understand necessarily inbound marketing or acquisition marketing or whatever. It sounds like buzz word bingo to them.

The key is that when you are selling services and you are selling them online, people are looking for the words that they recognise.

  • We are not doing old fashioned bad link building anymore.
  • We are developing relationships. We are doing blogger outreach.
  • We are doing what PRs do, only with a different purpose.
  • Our different purpose is that we are not just looking for exposure for our clients.
  • We are looking for relevant traffic and we are looking for better rankings.



If you want to find me, I have website that is almost finished . a www.decabbit.com

  • I am also of course on Twitter,  Decabbit.
  • You can also find me  Judith Lewis on Twitter.
  • You can also email me at unsurpisingly, decabbit@gmail.com

I thought standardise the branding.

It is great to standardise the branding. Thank you for being on the Search Elite podcast today.


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